Susan Peterson has worked with my Oldenburg mare, Brazil, as an equine massage therapist.  Over that time, Susan provided the most competent, caring and professional therapy I could have desired.  My mare, often spooky and distracted, “listened” to Susan’s hands and learned to not only benefit from the work, but also to enjoy it.  My riding improved as a result, since Brazil was more comfortable and used her body more correctly.  Whenever Susan found a “trouble spot”, she returned to the area for special treatment at the conclusion of the massage.  She always is able to help Brazil relax and feel better, as shown in the mare’s improved movement as well as state of mind.  In addition, Susan is one of the most compassionate and loving people I’ve met, with a knack for tuning in to the animal’s needs, listening and then answering with therapeutic care.  Both Brazil and I treasure the times we share with Susan from both a professional and a personal level.
Marti Coursin
Lifelong Horseman
President, Madison Area Recreational Equestrian Sisters


Having participated in a clinic in Equine Massage, I am keenly aware of the vast benefits it has for horses and their kin.  I also know that the massage is only as good as the person giving it. 

Susan Peterson has the knowledge, technique and attitude to provide an equine with the best possible massage experience. 

Susan has done excellent work with my own horses and given them great relief.  A case in point is Angel, a lovely Mountain Pleasure Horse mare, who had a nasty spill on the ice one winter.  Never one to complain, Angel limped around with her sore shoulder until Susan began massage therapy with her.  It was so gratifying to see Angel acknowledge that her pain was being released in just the first session and to eventually see her once again cantering in the pasture.

Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center is very fortunate to benefit from the talent and services Susan has provided.  A large number of our rescue horses have made tremendous physical and emotional improvements thanks to Susan’s efforts in massage therapy.

DeeDee Golberg,
Founder and president of Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center