About Me
I was born with a great love for animals, especially horses.  Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago did not afford me much opportunity to work with them. I moved to Wisconsin in 1999 to help care for my mother, whose health was deteriorating. I found an article in the local paper about a man who did massage therapy on horses. I found it to be fascinating, as I had never really known much about alternative therapies for animals.

One of the blessings to come out of this move was the chance to work at a boarding stable, doing chores in exchange for dressage lessons. It was quite an educating experience for me. After five years I was yearning to do something more. My sister, a human massage therapist, had made the acquaintance of Greg Gage, the man from the article who started the Institute of Equine Therasage, now Therasage EMC. I decided to take the course and received my certification - a happy day!

I have been thrilled to be able to help the horses through massage therapy. I truly believe that the majority of behavior problems in horses stems from pain, or the memory of pain. Although they cannot speak our language, they can communicate during a session exactly what the problem is and what are their thresholds and boundaries. One of the things I enjoy the most in my work is watching their reactions, especially the releases of pain or discomfort. I continue to read and study everything I can to improve on my knowledge of horses, in massage techniques, health and behavior issues. I hope to continue my education by taking a seminar in the Masterson Method.


Another blessing came to me when I volunteered my services to a local rescue, Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center. As I became more involved, I was asked to join the board of directors and I was thrilled to accept. I have found this work to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I urge everyone to become involved with their local shelters and rescues, as the needs have become very urgent in this economy. The animals are so innocent - they deserve our respect and depend on our care. They enrich our lives in so many ways, and I consider it a privilege to work with and to love them.


Member of: 
IAAMB - International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork
ABMP - Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Board of Directors - Spirit Horse Equine Rescue & Education Center